Hudson Taylor was a missionary with an organization called “China Inland Missions” in the 1800’s.  Daily he faced impossibilities, and met them with peace and victory.  The following excerpt is from his biography, Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, Hudson’s son and daughter-in-law.  Hudson and his wife had sent their children home to England, as conditions were unsafe for children in China.
In a letter to the children Hudson writes:
“You do not know how often Father thinks of his darlings, and how often he looks at your photographs till the tears fill his eyes.  Sometimes he almost fears lest he should feel discontented when he thinks how far away you are from him.  But then the dear Lord Jesus who never leaves him says, ‘Don’t be afraid:  I will keep your heart satisfied.’  … And I thank Him, and am so glad that He will live in my heart and keep it right for me.
I wish you, my precious children, knew what it is  to give your hearts to Jesus to keep every day.  I used to try to keep my own heart right, but it would always be going wrong.  So at last I had to give up trying myself, and to accept the Lord’s offer to keep it for me.  Don’t you think that is the best way?  Perhaps sometimes you think, ‘I will try not to be selfish or unkind or disobedient.’  And yet, though you really try, you do not succeed.  But Jesus says:  ‘You  should trust that to Me.’  I would  keep that little heart, if you would trust Me with it.’  And He would, too.
Once I used to think very much and very often about Jesus,  but I often forgot Him.  Now I trust Jesus to keep my heart remembering Him, and He does so.  This is the best way.  Ask dear Miss Blatchley (the children’s caretaker) to tell you more about this way, and pray God to make it plain to you, and to help you so to trust Jesus.’

You too, dear reader can trust Jesus to take care of every detail of your life.  Blessings.