Hi Friends,

Well, I thought I would give a garden report here.  Spring came early for us this year – about the first two weeks of March.  It was lovely and warm, the snow was melting away on the paths, green grass was showing more each day and flower beds were showing their treasures as each day revealed more plants coming out.  Some plants were so excited they were clapping their little leaves.  A pansy even burst through with a happy new face – the first bloom of the year.

Then winter came with great determination.  Cold, snow, rain, but mostly new snow; about 1.5 feet or more altogether.  Needless to say, everything in the garden again went under wraps awaiting more friendly weather.  To be fair, the latest white stuff has melted and I can see yellowish signs of day lilies that will green up with the sun & some roses have bare ground showing.

This week is promising.  It has snained here (rain and snow mix), rained & snowed.  As I look at the extended forecast it appears that each day should be a little bit warmer.  Its now 36 degrees  and the end of the week will be close to 60.  If that forecast is true we will be celebrating!

Everyone is looking forward to the sunshine and I mean all of us here at “Lilies” – that  includes the inhabitants of our gardens.

So there you have the report on the West Side, Cascade, Idaho.

P.S.  The sun is trying to come through the clouds right now.  We do know its always there, just haven’t seen much of it yet!