Guilt is like a plague. It causes us to react to it and say: “I cannot be guilty of anything lest I be crushed and destroyed. Therefore I must guard against it by being ready to throw it off at every turn. I will examine every event and motive of everyone to be certain that…

Jesus is Real

It is commonly said that “Jesus died to forgive your sin,” but why do I care? What does that mean today? In a society where Jesus increasingly seems irrelevant, what does it mean that Jesus took my sin? The Bible teaches us that death, sickness (slow death), poverty, and every kind of evil came into…

Believe Like a Child

A child doesn’t know “how” what he asks for will be given – he just asks, believes and receives. One big problem I see is the trying to figure out “how” these requests I make will happen. I need to “let” them happen. Luke 11:9, Mark 11:23,24, Luke 18:16,17

Love is Life

“Love, the opposite of hate, is life. Love engenders hope and life. How many times a day do you stimulate new action by your Love? Love is also a healing oil which soothes and calms and brings peace to the suffering heart. It is the direct antidote of hate.”-Lanyon