Dear Friend,

I understand that you are having difficulty, as you believe that you have “failed” in some way.

I have pondered this same issue on numerous occasions – I believe we all do. It may be we feel as though we’ve failed people, failed in a situation, failed ourselves or failed the Lord.

I believe the Truth is that we do not fail in Christ, we only grow. The problem comes when we place the emphasis on “us” instead of Him. Learning to trust Him is our quest and rest in Him a command. “Be not afraid.” “Enter My rest.”

We all find ourselves in storms. No one is exempt, but how we deal with the storm is the issue.

When we focus on “us”, our problems or other people or their problems we are definitely not asleep in the boat as He was. He said He would see us through, He’d take us to the other side. Do we believe this? When our eyes are on the waves and the wind, we are then giving more credence to them, more power to them than to Him. He said “Peace be still”, He said we would get to the other side. We have to fall asleep in the boat too. This however is not a passive state, but an active faith.

“Do not let your heart be troubled.” We do not fail in Christ, we go on to know the Lord. As our eyes are directed off of ourselves,(incidentally this is why we feel “failure”- our eyes are on ourselves and how we appear) and are constantly on Him, we will gain peace in God and rest in Him.

I can’t tell you there won’t be more storms, however we can grow through them, and He will constantly Be right there showing us what we need to focus on.

Let your wounds be healed – just get in the boat with Him and He will lead you on. After all it’s His work to perfect us ( “I will complete the work that I have begun in you”), ours only to believe and LET HIM DO.

Sweet Dreams,