Hello all,
Lilies of the Field, Inc. has published its fall catalog! If you love gardens, flowers, or just creative artwork give this a look-see. The cover (front and back) is comprised of photos of our own gardens, from which come all of Jane’s beautiful creations.
The catalog is featuring our ability to customize Thank You’s or Christmas cards using any of our designs, which of course are on the web at http://skyrivergallery.com/ Even though some of the cards have messages already, they can be altered.

Being in the gardens can truly bring healing, to your soul, mind and body. It seems to help one get in touch with the Creator of us all. Our cards and prints are directly descended from this atmosphere, so if you need a touch, please take a look.

Download your copy of our catalog for FREE, by going to www.skyrivergallery.com and clicking the picture of the catalog that shows up on the right side.

Lilies' Fall Catalog Cover