Letter of Love

There is a movement underway in which people are writing “love letters” to friends, relatives and total strangers. The object is to lift depression, bring encouragement, to bring healing and peace to those in need. It is a wonderful, God-inspired movement, because God is love. Join the movement, and pass it on. We at Lilies…

By Grace

Grace is what we have as children of God, trough the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We now stand forgiven, cleansed, holy in the presence of God. No questions asked. Thank you Jesus!

Love is Life

“Love, the opposite of hate, is life. Love engenders hope and life. How many times a day do you stimulate new action by your Love? Love is also a healing oil which soothes and calms and brings peace to the suffering heart. It is the direct antidote of hate.”-Lanyon