This will by no means be a catch-all spiritual article. I will merely be attempting to put into words some of the lessons I have learned in the past year.

First of all, YOU are an individual Son of the Living God. You are a unique expression of the life of God, and you have all goodness inside of you. Nobody else can express in exactly the same way you do, which is so beautiful!

Just knowing this can cause evil things to fall away from you. Meditate on the fact that it is God, who is perfect and holy, love itself, and all power living inside of you. Imagine what that means. Can God and disease co-exist? Can God and poverty co-exist? Of course not.

What then will bring into manifestation that which you want in your life? Here is a secret- You must put it into your heart. You do that through your imagination, and feeling. It sounds really simple, but the truth is that you need to imaging yourself as you want to be, in the situation you want, with a good motive. You can’t use God to create evil situations for other people or yourself. Pick something. Imagine yourself in the condition you want to be in. Play games to convince yourself that its already true. This is the believing game. Know that God wants every good thing for you, so He is eager to bring your heart’s desires to you. Believe and imagine all good flowing to you all the time. Change your attitude. You must feel what it is like to be there in the condition you desire. You cannot create a good picture holding on to negativity, or just wishing things were different. When the thing lives in your heart, know that it is on its way.

This is very simplified and I am sure that I will be able to elaborate more in the future, but give it a try. Open up your imagination to all the good things your Heavenly Father wants to give to you. Even use this process to help someone else!