My dear son who I love, came downstairs this morning as I was reading. This was his first appearance in new day.
My greeting to him was “Hi sweetheart, how are you?”

Then I heard His (God’s voice) speaking deep within: “You express love for your family in many words of endearment-
each uniquely for them- I would have you greet Me each day with sweet expressions of love.  Delight in My presence
within and without. Do not let your days and nights remain void of your awareness of Me. It brings Me joy when you
acknowledge our Oneness. Tell Me of your love.”

“You dear child must know that when you express love to anyone you are as I Am – Love Being! Be a Joy Bringer of Love.
I take great delight in love expressed!”

-Taken from journal notes March, 2009
Quotes are God’s words to me.

-Ruth 1:16, Song of Solomon, John 15:11 John 17:13, John17:21, John 17:26

"Collector of Smiles" Starring Willie the Squirrel, Esq.

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