There is a rose bush in our garden that has been there for probably fifteen years.  It amazes me how nothing seems to faze it.  Every year it comes back with more pink blossoms than the year before, and we really don’t do anything special with it.  It does not care if we feed it every other week or not, or if the sun is particularly hot for a few days, or if we have a rainy spring.  Thing is, it just grows and produces its blossoms without complaining or asking questions.  It is the essence of faithfulness.

What is faithfulness.  According to me, it is being full of faith.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. -Hebrews 11  So faith allows us to see the invisible substance that is behind the picture we see in this realm, the life-force or reality in the spirit realm.  When we see by faith, we see into another dimension and can create what we see by speaking it.  We do this whether we know it or not, so say what you want to live in!

What I am getting at is that there is an invisible force that causes the rose, and every other part of creation its life and form.  This is God in action.
Consider this…

If we take a moment to be  still, we can let ourselves recognize the force that causes the rose to live and bring forth life.  It is light, easy, fun, and free.  It goes on into expression, even if we don’t recognize it, yet we can bring forth a greater manifestation by recognizing its reality.  God is in you, too.  See this with open eyes.  What is God to you?  Is He holy, is he alive?  Is He anything negative or bad?  You have to answer this for yourself.  This is good news.  God IS LIFE!  God is LOVE!  God is PEACE!  God is JOY!  You cannot impart to God something He is not, that is, God is never going to be evil or bad.  He is not a creation of your making, but you have to let into your understanding the goodness that God is.  God is light and in Him is no darkness. -1John 1:5

Our 15 year old rose.


So God is being the faithfulness of the rose that lets itself come up year after year for a testimony of God’s loving care and faithfulness to us.  God is here and He is both good and faithful.  Faith for us is seeing God’s goodness and believing it even in the face of other “evidences” that will disappear as vapor when we lean on the arm of God.  This pleases God greatly, when we can have faith in Him.  He will not let us down, not even for a moment, if we dare to believe.  Lets forget for a moment about all of the reasons why not.  Forget about the past, it is gone.  The future is full of only good, so leave it alone too.  Be still.

Look outside your window and see the wonderful goodness of God in your yard, or in the people walking by on the street.  In the animals, in the plate of food in front of you.  Feel Him in the wind blowing through your hair and the green grass under your feet. God is present.  Nature is one of our most obvious lessons, but there are others.  God is everywhere.  All the time.  You cannot escape Him, try as you might.

The gentle breeze is brushing through you hair, carrying away all of your fears, insecurities, and worries.  A lightness is flooding your heart and the security that all is well.  You are in His kingdom now.  Nothing can hurt you, for God is love.  “I made you, you know.  You are my precious child and I love you.  Rest.  Lay your head upon My chest and let me surround you.”  Listen carefully.  God is singing you a song.  He is humming a tune just for you.  “I love you, I love you, I will never let you go.  Rest in Me, abide in Me.  My fountain of Light is within you.  I will surround you with my goodness and my love forever, you are my Son, my daughter.  LIVE!”