Before you read this word, let me paint for you the picture I saw, so you can see it, too.

When I heard “Walk over the Bridge.”, I saw a small wooden bridge – in perfect repair, in fact appearing as newly finished wood. It was completely safe – I saw no dangerous river beneath. There was nothing to cause alarm. In fact, it was just a lovely bridge, that didn’t take many steps to cross from one land to another. The surroundings around this bridge are many types of trees and greenery – all is friendly and inviting; perhaps the quiescent scene from a quaint countryside.

Fruit of the Vine

The grapes are ready for harvest!

Now for the word:

“Cross the bridge from the land of want and need
go ahead and walk over the bridge to the land of plenty,
the land of ALL you can ask for, dream and desire.
The only thing you have to do is start walking and cross (walk) right over the bridge.
Swing in the playground of plenty.
Laugh in the surroundings of ALL is enough!
Dance in the fields of blessing
Rejoice in the goodness of abundance
Take in the fragrance of all sufficiency
See with eyes taking pictures of joy fulfilled.
See your heart completely fulfilled and running over.
Blessing comes easy and a heart full gives gratitude and thankfulness
as it overflows with the fullness it enjoys.
As others see from a distance they will leave the land of darkness
and cross over the Bridge.
Just make sure you stay in the Land of Plenty
others can see you and as they do they will walk across too.
Swim in the river of Goodness.
Bask in the Sun of Joy.
Breathe in the air of Completeness.
Laugh in the fullness of All is totally, completely, fully overflowingly well.
This is the Kingdom of Heaven.
This is the land I’ve given to you.
This is the place where your heart, your soul, is at peace.
The Rest is present and your Joy is Full!
This the place of “over the rainbow!”
Dreams, wishes, the desires of the heart already are complete,
already fulfilled, and your enjoyment – your completed enjoyment,
brings forth Praise – brings forth Thankfulness – the True Fruit –
The perfect vintage of Wine on the Lees.
Thanks for walking across the Bridge –
I’ve put it there for you.
You are the jewels in My crown and you are the colors in the rainbow.
My delight is in you – and you are My delight.”

God said to celebrate this word, for this is how He truly sees you in His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
Take time to meditate on this word and make it part of you.

Love and Blessings,