Today is another beautiful day. I have the most wonderful brother and sister-in-law, and nieces and nephews. They are such a joy to be around. Each one is different, but equally wonderful.
My brother is a joy-bringer and laughter creator. He sees life very freely and enjoys each moment with an ease that is rare. He is also very generous. He thinks more about giving to others than getting for himself. I love his company. You are my bro!
My sister (in law) is a beautiful person. She is always smiling and laughing and loving. She is the best mom I have ever known, except for my own wonderful mom. If someone needs to be encouraged, she is the first to speak up. Thank you.
My niece, Goldilocks, is a ham. She is also very loving and gentle. She likes to play horsies and call me on the phone. I cherish time with her. I love her broad smile and her imagination! She is a genius you know.
Goldy’s little brother is a wiseguy with just as big a smile, and a huge heart. He likes to wrestle and climb anything that can be scaled. He also likes to curl up in your arms and take a nap, which is probably as much fun for me as for him. I can’t wait to take him camping and show him the outdoors with his daddy!
Older brother is caring and thoughtful, and very creative. I very much enjoy his newest drawing or building project. Senior is also very good with the little kids. He is gentle and likes to play! What a gem!
Very closely linked to older brother is older sister, the firstborn of four wonderful siblings. She is adventurous, helpful and an excellent watcher for the kids. Although I have not spent as much time with the older children, they are becoming wonderful young adults.
Together they are an incredible family full of fun and love, which I am delighted to be a part of. Thank you for sharing your lives with me everyone! God Bless You All! I am so grateful for you and cherish every minute we have, which will only increase!
God is good to have put us all together.