Guilt is like a plague. It causes us to react to it and say:

“I cannot be guilty of anything lest I be crushed and destroyed. Therefore I
must guard against it by being ready to throw it off at every turn. I will
examine every event and motive of everyone to be certain that I am not
guilty of any wrong. I will excel at this; I must! ”

Guilt has crippled mankind and has produced two extreme reactions:
sociopaths who can be guilty of nothing and those who wrestle against guilt
day and night only to find themselves defiled by the exercise. The former
cannot be saved and must be avoided. They have their reward. The latter
must cease the contest to be delivered. As long as the wrestling match
continues, the defilement continues. We must refuse to engage our
opponent! He will leave the arena for lack of anything to do.

The Holy Spirit cannot finish the work in us as long as the cloud of guilt
remains. The cloud is kicked up by our constant groveling in the dirt with
guilt. Cease wrestling with otherʼs opinions! Cease constantly examining
your thoughts and reactions and motives. These things are the Holy
Spiritʼs responsibility not yours.

Learn to delegate.

Cease feeding the Giant.

ʻOne little stone will fell him!ʼ That stone is truth.

You are not guilty. How can Christ be guilty? He has triumphed gloriously!

Welcome to Christʼs life, uninterrupted. It is no longer yours! Neither you
nor the opponent can defile that! Hallelujah!

-Pastor Jerry White