Think about heaven for a moment. If it is true, and I think it is, that every need is met and every desire is fulfilled, if it is not harmful to others or to you, then there is no more need to be selfish. Think about that. Why do we take and try to get things for ourselves? Is it not because we feel needy? Aren’t we taught that every good thing comes from hard work and sweat? In a nutshell, we have to compete and take from someone else what we need just to survive. So we build this attitude of lack and selfishness into our thinking and it is backwards.

Then we are told to be a good person that we need to give a certain amount of what we earn or have to those who don’t have enough. This is no doubt a noble and right thing, but in reality there is enough to go around; AND we should do our very best with whatever we have been given, to increase and multiply, but not because we have need. If all is freely given and freely received, then we have lost our motivation to be greedy and take.
Then what do we think about?
What motivates me to be all I can be?
What if there really is enough for you and everyone else too?
What do you think?