Pleas take five minutes from your busy schedule and read this! It could change your life.

For all you business owners and other folks out there, I know that the market has been tough for a lot of us. That is why we decided to do something to help you. Whether you are aware of this or not it is true, that there are principles at work in our lives that go beyond just the exchange of matter.
Things cause matter to do what it does. So with your business, and your personal life. So, what is the point?, you are asking.
I think we can help your business turn around if it is not successful, or make it more successful if it is. The principle is giving.
All of us have been the recipient of gifts at some point in life. If we are willing to admit it, everything we have has been allowed to come to us. Gulp. What SHOULD that make us want to do? Maybe give back?, or bless someone who needs a little light? None of our businesses would survive without customers or clients, would they? They trusted you with their money, or maybe they haven’t yet, but you want them to. One of the best things that you can do is to humble yourself and open up to a thankful attitude. Be thankful that your car started today, or that your husband or wife said “I love you!” today. Be thankful that you HAVE a husband or wife. Be thankful that you are healthy. Be everlastingly grateful that we live in the United States and can operate our own businesses and make our own decisions. Be thankful that the sun is shining, that you have teeth! How about the dog that comes to rub against your leg every day when you get out of bed, or come home for lunch, or get in the car, or come home from work? I am thankful that I get to eat a hot meal for dinner. That I have a solid roof over my head, for the flowers blooming in the yard, and the gorgeous foliage turning orange and red in the forest. I am thankful for clean water.
You get the picture. But what just happened as you read this? Be still. I became much lighter and joyful thinking about the things that make my life wonderful, and these are just a tiny part of the wonder of life.

What does being thankful do? It makes us aware of the Good, which comes from a good God, which is all around us all the time.

So if our business is suffering, it could be because we are not seeing that the goodness really never went anywhere after all, but we started looking at matter and not the eternal substance behind it. If we start being honest we will admit that really all we need to do is open our eyes to Good (God) and it starts flowing in, and we will find it flowing into those places that we thought were sick or lacking before.
Just look up.

If you are thinking that you know this but its the other people out there that need to learn, there is a solution for that, too. Tell them you are thankful for them. Show them that there really IS good everywhere. This will backfire on you in a Good Way!

Cheers and Happy Day!

P.S. Practice being thankful in all areas of your life. As you begin to be the conduit for thanks, and any good thing, (as you tell someone you love them, pet the dog, or give lunch money to someone in need) you can’t help partake of what you are giving out. Try it!

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