It’s time for lift off
Are you ready to go
On the journey of a lifetime
Through heaven’s door.

Come up says the Father
Come and see
All the wonderful things here
That fill eternity.

The city of gold will open to you
Her arms everlasting of all things true.
There are mountains and rivers just waiting for you,
Moonbeams and radiances for you to view.
Angels and beings heretofore never seen;

Colors and fragrances to delight your being.
There is life upon life just waiting for you
So come up My children,
Heaven’s waiting for you.

Just enter the heavenlies through the door of faith  –
And I will draw you and give you forever the place,
Of abiding here with Me,
Of seeing My face.

My place is your place,
Just come and see
Wonders and miracles forever free.

No shadows nor darkness
Only truth, only light,
No needs, no ambitions
Only fulfillment, only Life.

Lift off in your spirit
Come and stay with Me
My doors always open
Just come up and see.

"River of Life"

Greeting Card #98-06 by Lilies of the Field, Inc.