By Grace

Grace is what we have as children of God, trough the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We now stand forgiven, cleansed, holy in the presence of God. No questions asked. Thank you Jesus!

Joy in the Morning

My dear son who I love, came downstairs this morning as I was reading. This was his first appearance in new day. My greeting to him was “Hi sweetheart, how are you?” Then I heard His (God’s voice) speaking deep within: “You express love for your family in many words of endearment- each uniquely for…

The Sweet Peas

You are in an enclosed garden. A gentle breeze blows, and sweetness fills your senses. It is like honey, roses, romance, gentle and strong at once. As you turn to see what wonders are about, a lanky green vine is before your eyes, covered in round blossoms of many colors, with a decided purple strain.…

Believe Like a Child

A child doesn’t know “how” what he asks for will be given – he just asks, believes and receives. One big problem I see is the trying to figure out “how” these requests I make will happen. I need to “let” them happen. Luke 11:9, Mark 11:23,24, Luke 18:16,17