Today is a brand-new day.  The Christmas stockings are up, the tree is down.  I have put on my new clothes and begun a new life. Even the trees are clapping and shouting “Hooray!” You know that feeling you get when you arise out of bed and you have no memories of the past, and no pressures for the future? All there is is now.

Do you suppose trees have a memory? Not a chance. Always reaching for the sun, trees ever embrace the now of life. If it rains, they drink, if the sun is shining, they stretch our their arms and soak it in. When the clouds are overhead, no worries, they share their beautiful leaves with us anyway for the sun will be out again tomorrow.

Jesus tells us: “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” He will plant us like a great tree, giving us water in due season, and plenty of sunshine, so that we may love Him more. In Him there is no yesterday, and our tomorrows are tied to His, which can only be good! We have but to stretch our arms out today, soak in the sun, or rest in the shade, and express the inner life that is His life.

Let us come then, lay down our burdens, and begin a new life, in His care.