I read a story of a man who was in WWII in China. There were Chinese who were fighting alongside the American Troops. One Chinese man befriended the American Captain and somehow showed him to see through the eyes of God.

God would never see war for He is Peace. He would see beauty where it appeared that destruction was all around – in other words the American soldier saw through the illusion of war and was able to see the beauty of flowers on a mountainside. When confronted by death, a Presence (perhaps an angel) came to him on the battlefield and he “knew” that Life was eternal and that seeming death was an illusion.

My great desire is to “see” through the illusions i.e. lack, limitation, sickness, loneliness, fear, etc. and “see” the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven hear and now. In God there are no illusions. Illusions are like things that wave their hands in front of us saying “Pay attention to me!”. God is Reality – life – abundance – joy – peace. We recognize a veil (a belief) over our eyes as we see the Reality of a Kingdom that has no end, and that Kingdom is within us. Our recognition of Truth removes the veil.